I had slowly been introduced and nudged into the "world of healing" in 1991; when my brother, Rene, was going through the completion cycle of his life. He arose my awareness on life and death.

  It wasn't for a full 7 years later, that I became interested once again about wanting to call back a part of myself that I had pushed away. I was ready to return to my own true self.  

  Around this time,  I was given  opportunities to heal and learn more about healing. Through these  discoveries I began to reassemble my "beingness" to accept who I am and how I was created. 

  In 2002, I entered into a new field of service; a field of life, where I was to continue my services in helping others on theirs.

  I AM Here,
  I AM Now,
  This is where I'm  meant to be
  Speak your Wisdom
  Know Your Truth
  This is for eternity.

 To serve all who need supportive healing in their lives in communion with God.

Today, I bring to you many years of growth, understanding, love, peace, balance, renewal in spirit, hope in tomorrow, sisterhood and / or brotherhood; whatever your spirit is searching for or is lacking, it is my greatest honor to assist you in replenishing and disbanding the old, useless energy and shape into the vibrant new form through the therpies that I offer.

  How is this possible you ask? Through intention, through faith, through visualisation, through prayer and the greatest one of all through LOVE.

  My specialty is tapping in to your heart's needs and bringing your system into a balanced state and working with therapeutic grade essential oils.

  I have  designed my workspace for your personal comfort, trust and hold upmost client confidentiality.

  Many people can deliver healing services, and everyone has a little something different to offer. This is the beauty of being who we are - unique. So, the services that I offer to you, are somewhat "a la carte" and very much at "a la Lise"!       

Do you remember when you were a child and do you recall all of the senses that you worked with? Sight, smell, sound, touch, hearing and more....and everything in your world was natural and good. It's TIME to call it FORWARD, NOW. 
To book an appointment:   (204) 822-9425
348-9th Street South, Morden, MB CANADA